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A modern fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine

Jinbei West

Backed by chef Jae Choi and renowned chef & entrepreneur G. Garvin, Jinbei West offers a unique fusion of modern Korean and Japanese cuisine with a menu filled with sushi, ramen, and signature dishes from Dr. Jae Choi. Look for his popular Korean fried chicken and okonomiyaki, along with a selection of sushi rolls and new dishes such as wagyu fried rice, lobster fried rice, and maki rolls.

In addition we offer an excellent Omakase experience offered at the sushi bar along with a superb selection of Sake, soju, and Japanese whisky as well as cocktails and Korean and Japanese beers. Come visit us today in Peachtree Corners and let us take you on a culinary journey!


Chef Jae Coi

The culinary journey of Jae Choi begins as a young boy in South Korea immigrating with his family to the United States. Such a move can be challenging enough, but for a future chef, the introduction to foreign cuisine was an affront to his unseasoned palette that took some getting used to. Thankfully his culinary journey did not end here, as his pallete and skills in the kitchen were allowed to flourish cooking alongside his Mother and Grandmother. From Mandoo (Korean Dumplings) to countless other Korean staples, Jae's love for cooking soon evolved into a passion for the culinary arts. 

Over time Jae's talent in the kitchen had become undeniable. With aspirations to attend culinary school and cement his future as a Chef, he soon came to realize that such dreams come secondary to the path mandated by family. It is here where his culinary journey subsides and a future in the medical field is pursued. 

But even after years of education, a doctorate degree, and an optometric practice, Jae's love for cooking always persisted. Coincidently, many of the opportunities afforded by his thriving optometric practice, allowed Jae to explore his taste in the culinary world by visiting various regions, learning about their culture, the ingredients they used, and cooking techniques they developed. These experiences ignited his desire to re-embark on his journey into the culinary field. This decision was soon validated upon meeting his culinary mentor, Chef G Garvin. Through Garvin's support and guidance, Jae has been able to establish himself in the culinary world as a standout in Asian cuisine. Now with TV appearances, national media coverage and his own restaurant under his belt, Jae is ready to introduce a new modern fusion of Japanese and Korean cuisine with his latest endeavor—Jinbei West.